Seven Star Wars Movies Over Two Weekends & This is What My Wife Had to Say

In a marriage, I think it’s important for the two people to learn about and explore each other’s interests. Being somewhat of a movie buff, every now and then I put on a movie for my wife that I consider a classic or that meant something to me. Sometimes she likes them, sometimes not.

She knew of Star Wars prior to this experience but she had never seen any of the movies. It was a shocking revelation to me when I had found out about it. She had no real knowledge of The Force, light sabres and all the wonderfully geeky things that come from the galaxy, far, far away that was created by George Lucas.

Approaching our first anniversary, last weekend I asked if she would consider watching together the Star Wars movies over a couple of months, especially since a new Star Wars movie is just around the corner. She not only agreed to watch them, all of them, but we reached up to Episode VII by the following weekend. I asked the Mrs a few questions about her view of the movies.

1- What did you think of Jar Jar Binks?

Mrs: “Who is that?”

Riz: “ That’s the one, you know… “Me sa very happy!” In Episode 1, he was a ‘Gungan’, he was the one that helped the team go under water and…”

Mrs: “Oh the one that was supposed to be played by Michael Jackson.”

Riz: “Yeah”

Mrs: “Annoying.”

jar jar

(I had told her about talk of Michael Jackson’s possible involvement… I also bombarded her with a lot of other Star Wars trivia throughout the whole experience)

2- What did you think of Darth Vader and did you have any sympathy for him?

darth vader

Mrs: “No.”

Riz: “…and what did you think of him?”

Mrs: “He’s really stupid.”

Riz: “For joining the dark side?”

Mrs: “Yeah.”

3- Who was your favorite character?

Mrs: “Yoda… too cute.”

Riz: “Oh Prince, by the way, called himself ‘the purple Yoda’ in one of his songs.”


4- Out of all the movies, is there one that you liked more than the rest?

Mrs: Well, in the first three (Episodes IV, V & VI), there wasn’t much that was making sense, in terms of knowing what’s going on. Episodes I, II and III, made more sense because I kinda knew… I had a bit of a background I guess, by then. So, from I, II and III…

Riz: and IV, V, VI and VII.

Mrs: Yeah, probably VII (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

Riz: The one we just saw?

Mrs: …also because it made more sense to me than the other ones… which were hard to follow.

5- Did you enjoy the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI) or the prequels (Episodes I, II and III) more?

Mrs: I, II, III, as I said, because I had more of a background.

6- Has this in any way changed your view of Sci-Fi geeks? Like… can you see why people are such Star Wars fans? You, not having an attraction to science-fiction, has this in any way changed your views?

Mrs: Mmmm, no. (She laughed)

Riz: But, wouldn’t you be more open to watching a Sci-Fi movie that I’m really into in the future, now that you’ve watched these seven movies over two weekends? Or you’re the same but you will watch just because you love me so much?

Mrs: Yeah.

7- What’s the difference between a Wookie and an Ewok?

Mrs: Mmmm…

Riz: That’s a tough question. Ewoks are the ones that were the cute little bears in The Empire Strikes Back, the little bears that thought C3PO was a God.

Mrs: That was a Wookie.

Riz: No no no, Chewbacca is a Wookie… the one that you called a monkey.

Mrs: The bears were cute.

(I just wanted to see if she would know what an Ewok is, hence I asked this question)

8- Are you gonna watch “The Last Jedi” with me in the theater?

the last jedi

Mrs: Yeah.

Riz: Good.

Mrs: I mean, the whole reason we’re watching all these is so I’m caught up by then.

Riz: Yeah… but I’ve always intended to show you them. This is in my list of like a 100 movies that I want you to watch.

Mrs: They should have Sharukh Khan appear in one of them.

Riz: You know it’s entirely feasible, possible and… I mean why not? They’re getting more and more international, it’s less homogenous than it was.

Mrs: Amitabh Bachan or something.

Riz: Definitely… but there is a brown guy in the next movie we’re going to watch “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Mrs: Like, a known one?

Riz: His name is Riz Ahmed.

riz ahmed

9- One final question: Who do you think are Rey’s parents, the girl in the movie we just watched?


Mrs: I think it’s Lucas’ daughter.

Riz: You mean, Luke (Skywalker)?

Mrs: Yeah.


Riz: Ok thank you. I love you.

Mrs: I know.

(I’m kidding… she replied “I love you too” and not “I know”, like Han Solo and Princess Leia both did in a couple of the movies)

han solo leia

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