The Punk & Why All Men are Equal

One of the first times I spoke to Oscar, knowing he was a musician, I gave him a 5 minute music lesson, partly to show that I was a musician too despite my appearance. I taught him a trick that will allow him to play any major or minor chord anywhere on a keyboard. He seemed to appreciate it.
oscar mischa band1

We would talk about music when I would run into him. He gave me the impression he was a punk rock musician. It inspired me to start interviewing musicians on camera like I used to before. I felt that regardless of the type of musician I meet, I always had interesting chats with them and I would learn stuff. Also I was not being musically creative during this time and thought maybe this would inspire me. He was into the idea.

‘The 5 O’Clock Slot’

He jammed with his band , which had no set name at the time, at 5pm on Saturdays and I had an open invitation. It was a month or so before we ended up doing the interview. Meanwhile I interviewed a few other artists, posted the videos and dove into my own music. The creative floodgates were open.

Finally the Saturday of our interview came. The day started out badly. I was in a bad mood for various personal reasons. Then Oscar sent a text suggesting I wear a band t-shirt. I figured the punk rock thing to do would be to not wear a band t-shirt.

graffitipath to band

When I showed up at the jam space with my equipment and my friend D, a friend of the band was there hanging out and said she didn’t want to be filmed. I was perhaps a bit too curt when I said ‘If you don’t want to be filmed, don’t be in the shot’. I was in my Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction mood.


During their rehearsal they played a lot of cover songs, none of which I was familiar with but appreciated. The genres varied, I heard punk rock, metal and ska. We filmed like 13 gigs of footage, including interviews. Stickers on guitars? Nice. Later Oscar confirmed the band’s name is ‘The 5 O’Clock Slot’.

After finishing the interview video with Oscar’s band, I felt like doing a punk rock type song. I’ve been inspired by the musicians I had been interviewing and it’s in my new songs. I called this song Hope (In the End of the World).

Why All Men Are Created Equal

A week later I spoke to Oscar again. We laughed about one of the scenes in the video. I also asked him what his “E” tattoo on his arm stands for. He said the “E” was a known symbol for equality”.

I asked him: “Do you know what makes all men equal?”

He replied: “I don’t know.”

I pointed to a nearby woman and said:

“If she goes to Mars, we can say that mankind has visited the planet Mars. It doesn’t matter what race, age, or body type or religion, we are all equally human.

All men are equal because every single human has the power to represent all of mankind.”

He liked the answer. 

The interview and the song should be below. Cover photo by D & Greg.

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