“The Greatest Singer I Ever Recorded & the Song that was Almost Left Behind”

I had heard Stephanie Caprara’s music and we first came into contact online. Besides both of us being musicians, it turned out Prince was also one of her biggest influences. I didn’t often meet Prince fans, let alone incredible female singers.


I told her I wanted to work with her. I said that if she wanted, I could write a brand new song for her to sing on within five days. She agreed. Let’s go crazy!

Five days later, I sent her ‘No One Out There Like You’. It was an early version of the beat, music and me singing: “There’s no one out there like you” during the choruses only, leaving the verses empty for her.

She liked it and told me she would work on lyrics and melody for the verses. What she came up with, in a short time, suited the song just perfectly. One day she came over to record her vocals. We worked for several hours and it was a walk in the park. We even met on another day to film a video where I interviewed her, in a park.

The only problem was… Stephanie and myself kept having disagreements, mostly via email. Something in the water did not compute.

The Email Accident

Stephanie’s voice has this very warm and unique tone. She has incredible technique, superb range, songwriting ability and passion. As a producer I see her voice to be as attractive as having a great jazz musician play a gleaming saxophone on a track of mine. It’s a treasure.

We had worked on a song that I love. We were generally nice polite people. We had also found out that both of us shared the same vocal teacher at different times in the past (though she’s a million times better than I could ever be as a vocalist). We both also were quite influenced by Prince. We should be musical soul mates!

We had a lot of great conversations but there were those disagreements. I would write a lot of emails to Stephanie, going back and forth, sending mixes of the song and what not. One day, I was frustrated at something and decided to write an email to my confidante, a female musician friend in the ‘states. In the email were ALL the issues and negative feelings I had during the project. After completing the email, I accidentally sent it to Stephanie herself. Oops.

Chaos and Disorder, in my mind. I panicked. I went to my sent mail… deleted the email (As if that would help). It was too late. Stephanie received the email. These are the days of wild, hit me!

I explained to her that at least at that point she knew exactly how I felt about everything. I didn’t say anything really bad or derogatory in the email. Thankfully we moved forward. Let’s Work!

Right after the final mix of the song was decided upon, we had one last disagreement. Although it was more of a misunderstanding, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In a civil way we ceased any sort of progress on the song just after our last meeting. Even though we did the best we could with what we had and all that was left was to get it ‘mastered’, the song was left behind.

Maybe it was all my fault or maybe it was all hers. Maybe it was a mix of both but it did not work out for our collaboration. Purple Rain Purple Rain.

We continued being Facebook friends but didn’t talk to each other. We put out songs separately but it was as if the song that we had made together never existed.

Eventually I thought of contacting her again, saying I could make the song even better and we should work on a video or something… but I didn’t.


April 21st. 2016. Our common hero, Prince, died. I was already becoming active in music by interviewing musicians from various bands for a video project, now I felt the urge to create new music so I was back to work in my studio. It felt great.  June 7th, Prince’s birthday was coming up… I posted two new songs of my own on that day. It felt like the thing to do.

A few days later, Stephanie sent me a message, saying that she had mastered “No One Out There Like You” and also released the song on June 7th.

I was so happy to hear from her. I also loved the song and appreciated the mastering work. As Prince once said, songs sometimes need to marinate. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault why the song’s release was delayed… maybe the right time for it was now. The last couple of days I haven’t been able to stop talking to Stephanie!

Thank you Stephanie for your voice, talent and will. May all the critics love U in New York.

No One Out There Like You

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