A New Quest, starting with Y.G.T.

YGT trrrrI’ve met many different types of musicians. Regardless of the differences, and there are always differences, it has always been the case that music is our common ground and based on this we can be friends. Recently I started meeting a new generation of musicians. One day as I spoke to a young punk rock guitarist with colored hair, I thought why not start to film interviews again? Maybe I could learn a few things.

I enlisted the help of the lovely, intelligent and entertaining Natalie. We have done many projects together. She immediately agreed to participate and has had a mountain of ideas to share with me.

My idea turned into reality within days.

Episode 1: Y.G.T.

YGT Waza-J Zphire
It was not obvious where they wanted to meet. I knew Waza-J and he said they would be either in Lasalle or Montreal. I had asked for a specific location and was given two cities. On the day of the shoot it was narrowed down to Old Montreal, but still no specific location. They were working on a video shoot themselves for the song ‘Staring At Me’ and were understandably focused on that.

YGT Zphire Ace Nat
In this interview video we had some funny moments, I learnt about Y.G.T.’s history, present and ambitions, learning also about their hi hat programming tricks. It turned out to be a nice day at the Old Port with Natalie and some talented new friends.

I believe Y.G.T. has a future. While I’ve been more into old school hip hop, listening to ‘Dumpin’ the Road’ and ‘Staring At Me’, besides hi hats, I’m also hearing a lot of talent. Both Waza-J and Zphire, I think have potential ‘star power’, if my opinion means anything. They also have the skills, knowledge and not to mention the great hair.

Next Up:

Brian MacMillan

While I did mention a certain punk rock musician named Oscar Gonzalez in the video, I ended up meeting with a seasoned classic rock guitarist, my friend and often one of my mentors, Brian MacMillan, this past Sunday.

We talked, laughed, jammed, had panic attacks and called it a day. The video will be edited soon. The Oscar Gonzalez  interview with Natalie and myself is coming up hopefully this weekend.

The Y.G.T. interview video is available on Youtube.com/riz1music

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