Jasmine & the Interrogation

Years ago, at a random job, sitting at my cubicle I met a girl named Jasmine. At work, I would keep to myself. I did my job. Jasmine was a relatively new employee. I noticed her looking at me a few times around the office. I could tell she was from my country of origin.

One evening, Jasmine, a complete stranger to me, came to my cubicle on her break and asked me for my name. Then she asked where I’m from. Then she asked for my age. Then she asked if I was single. Then she asked why I was single. This went on for a while. I was being interviewed, or should I say interrogated. She covered a lot of ground with her rapid-fire questions and I had no choice but to answer.

Why is it that other people seem to have no trouble doing that to me? I usually indulge them… It’s like the time when I was a teenager, this older guy I was hanging out with casually asked me for a bite of the Big Mac I was eating. I was shocked because I didn’t think people shared sandwiches like that, but I let him have a bite.

Anyway, It’s natural to wonder about the personal life of some co-workers but one can’t just go and ask 20 questions… but apparently Jasmine can and apparently I didn’t mind when she did.

As we finished our shifts we took the metro together, heading in the same direction for a while. I was intrigued. She was cute, curious about me and gave me her attention by approaching me with all these personal questions.

We were soon about to go our separate ways in an upcoming metro station,  I was about to ask something. Before I had the chance, she asked me her final question of the night and it completely derailed my train of thought. She asked me: “Is there anyone you can set me up with?”

My mind quietly asked: “Whaaaaaat?”  I probably replied to her saying: “Ummm… I don’t know…. maybe…”. The train stopped right there. We went our separate ways but it was the beginning of another story. In retrospect, some meetings are just perfect.

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